Razer Gold $20 (Global)


Buy a $20 Razer Gold PIN online to receive it instantly by email. Buy popular games like CrossFire, ArcheAge and World of Tanks, as well as plenty of other in-game content. Your Razer PIN can be immediately redeemed in more than 33,000 games, apps and websites worldwide.


What is Razer Gold?

Razer Gold is a popular virtual credit used by millions of gamers around the globe. Since it launched in 2017, it has become the leading virtual currency worldwide and is accepted on over 33,000 games and apps. This gift code grants the recipient access to exclusive content for their favorite multiplayer games, mobile games and online entertainment services. Games like Warframe, CrossFire and World of Tanks can be conveniently bought with this prepaid credit. In addition, you earn Razer Silver when you shop with Razer Gold.

Get Your Razer Gold PIN Easily Online

Do you need more Razer Gold to spend on your favorite gaming items? Need it fast? Then simply buy your Razer Gold Gift Card online and receive your PIN instantly by email. Conveniently brought to you no matter the time or day. Top up your account with enough prepaid credit to enhance your gaming experience in no time at all. Remember: if you spend Gold, you earn Silver to cash in on exclusive loyalty rewards!

How to use PIN

How to use PIN

Follow these simple instructions to top up your Razer account with the Razer Gold PIN:

1- Go to the Razer Page and log in to your account.
2- Click on the Gold tab and choose the option “Reload Now”.
3- Select Razer PIN as a payment option.
4- Enter the code you received from us.
5- Confirm your entry.

Your new Razer Gold credit has now been added to your Razer Wallet.

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